External Support Program – ESP

Creative Quality Solutions provide external management services that offer a cost effective and fixed-price alternative to the option of employing specialists in-house.

The benefits of out-sourcing the management of your quality management system include:

  • Reduced over-heads
  • Reduced employment costs
  • Increased workflow flexibility
  • Increased access to a team of specialist consultants
  • Increased efficiency and value for money

Your program begins with:


This is where we spend our first day on-site with you reviewing your current quality systems, helping you come up with the best strategy to improve and maintain them. We will assist you in reviewing your master framework setup and existing system implementation identifying areas for improvement.

What you need to prepare to get the most from the initial session:

  • Quality Systems Manuals
  • Access to soft copies of quality systems
  • List of frustrations or concerns with your current quality system
  • Someone to take your calls for the day as you will not be contactable

Upon completion of the quality systems review, you are ready to progress to the CQS Quality Management Program.

Our External Support Program includes:

  • Monitoring and managing your Quality Management System
  • Providing monthly status reports to senior management
  • Providing off site ‘Help Desk’ support to Executive team
  • Participating in Quality Management meetings as require
  • Providing support, training and assistance to your staff in the use of the QMS as required
  • Supervising planned Procedural Internal Audits
  • Maintaining all Policies and Procedures and supporting documentation
  • Ensuring that the Quality Management System is integrated into any new programs/ sites
  • Assisting with preparation for External Audits
  • Assisting in the development and implementation of your Quality Plan

One of our Quality Consultants will be on-site for an agreed amount of time each month plus provide additional off site services for an agreed fixed price. Additional or on-site expenses including travel and accommodation (e.g. remote site visits) will be billed at cost.

To engage our services on an ad-hoc hourly basis is $120 / hour plus GST.
All prices listed below exclude GST.

    • Premium

    • $2,000/mnth

      • Consultant Onsite Time
        2 days (16hrs) per mnth
      • Additional Support Time
        Up to 8hrs per mnth
      • Document Templates
        Free & Unlimited
      • Effective Hrly Rate
        $83.33 – 31% Saving
      • Additional Consult. Time
        $102/hr – 15% Saving
    • Executive

    • $3,000/mnth

      • Consultant Onsite Time
        4 days (32hrs) per mnth
      • Additional Support Time
        Up to 16hrs per mnth
      • Document Templates
        Free & Unlimited
      • Effective Hrly Rate
        $62.50 – 48% Saving
      • Additional Consult. Time
        $90/hr – 25% Saving